The Romanian Christian Band Festival of Chicago is designed to establish connections and collaborations between musicians, composers, and conductors of Brass Bands of Romanian Christian Churches worldwide.

Occurring once a year at the beginning of the Fall Season, the Festival is a celebration in which we share in the joys of playing music for the King of Kings – Jesus Christ! It is also an event in which we explore the unique expressive potential of the brass band.

The purpose of the Festival is to promote quality playing and to enrich brass band repertoire. This collaborative undertaking allows arrangers and composers to accentuate the depth and value of the brass band genre through creative, brand new arrangements. Soli Deo Gloria has commissioned and premiered more than 20 new works written in recent years.

Participating Brass Bands benefit from experience by working at a professional level. Players have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share musical experiences, and set new goals and standards. In addition, each Brass Band receives free new music that is commissioned by the Festival organizers.

Master-classes and clinics by high-profile Bandmasters and musicians are incorporated in the festival experience. A Combined Concert concludes the Festival by having all participating Brass Bands play together as one band. This project features outstanding selections by composers who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the brass band medium and its music.

We are devoted to expanding the repertoire. We welcome challenges. We aim to motivate Church Brass Bands around the world to settle for nothing less than the players’ best efforts. May God help us achieve excellence with humility in all our endeavors, all for the glory of his Holy Name! Soli Deo Gloria!

—Sorinel Cimpoes and Remus Morosan, Festival Founders