The Soli Deo Gloria Brass Band is a Chicago-based musical group that was formed in 2006. Operating as a non-profit organization, SDG is led by the board of directors and functions with the help of many volunteers. The Band consists of members from the United States and Canada who share the same faith in Jesus Christ and who, primarily, find their roots and identity in the land of Romania.

The band’s motto is King David’s declaration, “I will not…offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing” (1 Chronicles 21:24, ESV).

Broadly, the SDG Brass Band strives to achieve two main goals: (1) to strengthen and encourage Christians from Romanian and American Communities located throughout the world, with an emphasis on those in the United States, Canada, and Europe; and (2) to provide opportunities for Non-Christians in the local communities to dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Other activities include Christmas concerts, nursing home visits, community outreach, musical training events, and album recordings that promote, and preserve the tradition of, brass band music.


Emerging from a tradition of initiatives in the Romanian Evangelical Community started in 1998 by Dr. Tiberius Rata, Daniel Brancovan, and Sorinel Cimpoes, the SDG Brass Band is one of the most active Christian Bands of Romanian Heritage/Background. The early initiatives included mixed choir and men’s choir tours between 2000-2006 throughout the United States and Romania.

Since 2006, the Band has kept an active schedule organizing tours and accompanying Rev. Valentin Popovici on numerous evangelical crusades in Romania and many other European countries. One of the greatest supporters of the Soli Deo Gloria initiatives, Rev. Popovici has been the principal speaker for SDG since 1998. The SDG Band plays hymns (instrumental arrangements) during Church Services in preparation and anticipation for the preaching of the Word of God, spoken with authority by Rev. Popovici.

In 2011, the first Romanian Christian Band Festival of Chicago was held as a result of collaborations between band directors Remus Morosan of Golgotha Romanian Pentecostal Church and Sorinel Cimpoes of Betel Romanian Baptist Church. Since then, the SDG team has continued to thrive and its contributions benefit many who are involved in similar ministry and service. The SDG Brass Band is conducted by Sorinel Cimpoes, Dan Bulboaca and Ioni Dinu. The Band has also enjoyed collaborations with influential conductors such as Doru Chifan, Dan Muncaciu, Ghita Mot, Adi Petras and Doru Onita.

Inspired by a few dedicated players and directors who had been working tirelessly on various projects, the SDG Brass Ensemble was formed in the summer of 2013. The SDG Brass Ensemble is a division of SDG Brass Band and consists of selected players. Driven by the desire to exceed mediocrity in Brass Band playing, the SDG Brass Ensemble is exclusive to the most committed, serious and uncompromising individuals. To be sure, the primary qualification of such individuals is relentless commitment to bring the best possible playing for the glory of the only Lord and King – Jesus Christ.

The SDG Brass Ensemble’s recent recording album Pressing On is a hallmark of excellence and sets a new standard of playing. It is hoped to motivate and inspire many Band players, for generations to come.