2015 CD Recording

The SDG Brass Band will be recording its forth CD album on June 24-27 of 2015, with a final live concert performed on June 28, 2015, during the morning service of Betel Romanian Baptist Church (330 W. Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068).  After a busy year, in 2014, with concerts in Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Canada, and the United States, our focus in 2015 will shift primarily to memorializing recent additions to the repertoire.  The new CD will consist of pieces such as “Soundings For The Vault Of The Sky” (arranged by Remus Moroșan), “New Jerusalem” (arranged by Doru Chifan), “Un Cor Îngeresc” (arranged by Romi Bujdei), “Crucea-I Slava Ta – Evanghelia” (arranged by Cristi Holerga), “Ascultă Doamne” (arranged by Traian Fărcaș), as well as other selections.  We are hopeful that these recordings will further serve as testimony for believers and non-believers, alike, that Christ is King!


The recordings will take place primarily at Betel Romanian Baptist Church, with some of the rehearsals being held at Golgotha Romanian Pentecostal Church (Oak Lawn, Illinois).  To that extent, the SDG Brass Band notes with great appreciation and gratitude the support and encouragement received from the leadership and members of Betel Romanian Baptist Church and of Golgotha Romanian Pentecostal Church, and, especially, Pastors Valentin Popovici, Iulian Costea, Petrică Ordeanu, and Sorin Puha.  Without their continued love and support, the ministry of the SDG Brass Band would not be possible.

Although the SDG Brass Band consists of volunteers, this year (as has been true every year) God has provided a great group of players that have accepted the challenge of preparing for and participating in the CD recording project.  For each player, this means over 100 hours of personal commitment and hundreds of dollars of financial commitment.  The group of players, which is 40+ strong, will meet for six (6) full-day rehearsals prior to the recording sessions.  The players include players from the Chicagoland area, Detroit, and Kitchener (Canada).  Our mixing and recording engineer will be Cornel Lazar, who will give up his vacation time and travel with his family from Texas to be part of this special project.

Please pray that the result of this CD project will bring forth much fruit in the form of saved souls for Christ and His Kingdom, and in the form of encouragement to the listeners.

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